Ukraine Losses Over $108 Billion In Damage From Russia’s invasion

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused $108.3 billion in damage to the country’s infrastructure, according to a study from Kyiv School of Economics released the same day Ukraine’s defense ministry estimated the war has left 3.5 million people homeless.


Russia’s war in Ukraine has damaged or destroyed 105,200 cars, 43,700 agricultural machines, 764 kindergartens, 1,991 shops and 634 cultural facilities, according to the researchers at the Kyiv School of Economics, who worked with several Ukrainian ministries to conduct the analysis.

Ukraine’s defense ministry estimated Tuesday the war had damaged at least 140,000 residential buildings, according to the New York Times, while the Kyiv School of Economics estimated 114,700 private homes have been damaged or destroyed.

The war has caused $47.7 billion of damage to apartment buildings and private homes, according to the study.

Damages to transportation infrastructure, including roads and airports, meanwhile, amounted to $31.6 billion.


$185 billion. That’s how much the infrastructure damages would cost to repair, researchers estimated.


The war in Ukraine has displaced more than 8 million people, the United Nations estimates, with more than 6.5 million people crossing over into neighboring countries including Poland and Moldova since Russia began its invasion in February.


As of May, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had cost the country nearly $600 billion, according to estimates from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and a previous study from the Kyiv School of Economics. Russian missile strikes have targeted and destroyed tons of Ukrainian infrastructure including railwaysapartment buildings and hospitals. Both the U.S. and Ukraine’s European allies have offered billions of dollars in aid to the country since the war began. The Biden administration announced Monday it will send another $550 million in military assistance to Ukraine, putting total U.S. aid at over $7 billion. Earlier this month, Ukraine’s Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal unveiled a $750 billion recovery plan to rebuild the country after the war ends, a project Zelensky urged the international community to participate in.

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