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EXCLUSIVE: Boko Haram Modus Operandi Revealed

A Short clip directed by Dorayi with Storyline from Defence Headquarters

A Short clip directed by Falalu A. Dorayi with story line from the Defence Headquarters and produced by Sani Ali Abubakar. The clip reveals the story of a boy Musa and other young persons who join the dreaded Boko Haram terrorist group out of financial inducement and false religious teachings.

This short film projects the dangers of joining the Boko Haram terrorists group as Musa narrowly escaped from the terrorist camp with the intervention of the Gallant men of the Armed forces of Nigeria, however some of his friends were not so lucky.

The public is hereby warned not to collect gratification from terrorists as they would be trapped in a web of evil with dire consequences. Terrorists are enemies of the people, their aim is to destroy our country and unity. Report suspicious persons and activities to our security forces.

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