Nigerian Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusufu Buratai attained the age of 60 on Tuesday, November 24, 2020. This event was heralded with a 7km Annual Marathon Run on Saturday, November 21, 2020 which was characteristically led by the Sportsman General Burutai himself at the Aguiyi Ironsi Sports Cantonment in Abuja.

Although this year’s event of the Annual Marathon was deliberately made elaborate to commemorate the 60th birthday of Buratai. For obvious reasons, only a few Principal Staff Officers, personal staff and aides as well some family members of General Buratai participated in this year’s Annual Marathon Exercise.

The 7km run by Buratai actually climaxed in a 60km run which the Chief of Army Staff has covered in the last one year. No one can ever doubt the settled fact that General Buratai is definitely a physically fit and mentally healthy generalissimo of Nigerian Army. Moreso, the Nigerian Army Boss also represents different things to different people including civilians and army personnel. To some, Buratai is a pride for Nigerian Army and the Nigerian nation. But to some, he is the defender of Nigerian democracy. Meanwhile, to a large number of military personnel, Buratai is a fantastic leader and military commander; while another circle of senior military officers see the Chief of Army Staff as the best mentor anyone could ever have.

In the opinion of General Buratai, regular exercise is the key to good health and weight control. He also believes that regular physical fitness is equally important for improved mental health and sound mind. Buratai is known to have posited at different fora that anyone that hope to lead the Nigerian Army must effectively combine physical fitness with outstanding mental health and sound mind.

The exceptionally competent Army General has dedicated his life to regular physical fitness exercises from the early stage of his existence. Burutai has also made regular exercise a habit since he became the Chief of Army Staff in year 2015. However, the General never wished for a good body, but always worked for it been a sportsman during his days as junior officer.

A great deal of efforts have been made by the Army Chief to ensure that Nigerian nation have a professionally responsible and physically fit Army that can readily discharge its constitutional roles. For these reasons, the Bi -Annual Army Sports Festival and the Monthly Road March were revived by General Tukur Buratai almost immediately after he became the Army Chief. Also to the credit of Buratai was the evolvement of a Fifth Walk Philosophy which is one of the key pillars of his transformational initiative for Nigerian Army.

Worthy of commendation also is the upgrading of the basic standard for the Annual Physical Training and Assessment Exercise, which Buratai always physically participates. These personal example of General Burutai is well captured in the Army focus of events.

The measures introduced by Buratai to enhance physical fitness of the personnel of Nigerian Army as well his mission for the army have become deliberately actualized through the formulation of Body Mass Index, Weight control, Standard of fitness and Body Composition Policy for Nigerian Army personnel. These deliberately introduced measures by General Buratai were primarily intended to ensure that Nigerian Army personnel are physically fit at all times to fully discharge their constitutional roles.

And beyond any trace of doubt, the Chief of Army Staff has so far demonstrated remarkable sense of patriotism, professionalism and competence. These qualities have undeniably endeared Buratai to many fair minded Nigerians and some members of the international community. Similarly, the sterling qualities of the Army Chief have likewise made him the toast of all the officers and men of Nigerian Army.

According to Buratai upon completion of the 60km run, the former athlete and long distance runner of repute in his time, advised people of all age grades to embrace regular physical fitness exercise.

“I advise everyone to continue to keep fit. I advise the youth, middle age and even the old should continue to keep fit. Jogging is a form of physical exercise that you don’t need much to do, in terms of resources and even in terms of space. Outdoor exercise is very important so as to do it very well”.

Even at the age attained by General Tukur Yusufu Buratai, he is still very agile, healthy and intellectually competent to continue with the mission of transforming the Nigerian Army into a highly professional, well funded and heavily equipped Army. He is also clearly poised to lead the dynamic and result driven Nigerian Army that is determined to end insurgency, banditry and other forms criminal activities in all parts of the nation.

Hearty congratulations and 60 hearty cheers to a truly selfless and disciplined Nigerian Chief of Army Staff. #BurataiAt60

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