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Nigerians Outraged as WAEC Deletes Online Video Evidence Showing How Peter Obi Took Anambra State to Number One in Education.

A storm of criticism has erupted among Nigerians on social media following the deletion by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) of a video that highlighted former Anambra State Governor Peter Obi’s contributions to education. The video, which was removed from all WAEC’s online platforms, reportedly showcased the substantial improvements in education in Anambra State during Obi’s tenure, particularly his role in taking the state to the number one position in national examination rankings.

The deletion of the video has spurred a flurry of outraged responses from netizens, with many accusing WAEC of engaging in politically motivated censorship. Accusations are flying, suggesting that the examination body is attempting to diminish Obi’s educational achievements due to political bias. One Twitter user expressed his dismay, accusing WAEC of rewriting history to tarnish Obi’s image while alleging that the body is acting under the influence of political pressures from rival parties.

“Dear @waecnigeria, so you morons deleted a video all because of a man who never sat for your exam in order to make @PeterObi look bad. You morons want to rewrite history in support of a certificate forger and drug baron. How shameless could you people be?” read one particularly vehement tweet.

The controversy touches on sensitive issues of political affiliation and interference, with some users questioning whether WAEC is now operating as an arm of the All Progressives Congress (APC), the ruling party accused by some of favoring its candidate over others like Obi.

In response to the growing backlash, WAEC has yet to issue a formal statement explaining the reasons behind the video’s removal. The absence of a clear explanation has only fueled further speculation and anger among Obi’s supporters and those concerned with integrity and transparency in educational achievements and public communication.

This incident has not only sparked debate about the politicization of educational accomplishments in Nigeria but also raised concerns about the independence of educational bodies from political influence. As the story develops, many are calling for a thorough explanation from WAEC to clarify its actions and intentions in the hopes of preserving trust in the institution’s impartiality and credibility.

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