EU crisis: Showdown with Turkey sparks military fears as Erdogan mocks Macron’s threats

AN UNPRECEDENTED EU crisis looms as tensions between the Brussels bloc and Turkey escalate along its border, as Greece warns it will do “whatever is necessary” to defend itself from Ankara.  Emmanuel Macron has called for punishment against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as tensions between the EU and Turkey continue to intensify. The tensions erupted this week after Greece accused Turkey of undermining its sovereignty by threatened to send ships to take natural resources within Greece’s territorial waters. There are mounting fears that this crisis could spill over into naval clashes between the EU member-states and Ankara.

Earlier this week, Athens vowed to defend its rights against “any type of threat” after Turkey confirmed plans to send oil-and-gas research vessels to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Greek armed forces are officially on ‘high alert’ and are monitoring Turkish movements in the region. French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday gave his backing to Greece in the dispute. Mr Macron called for sanctions against Turkey, adding he will soon call en emergency meeting of southern EU states.

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