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Over five hundred members of Cross Kauwa, ranging from children, aged women and men, pregnant women and physically challenged persons benefited as Sector 3 OPHDIN KAI and Multinational Joint Task Force extends its Medical Outreach to Cross Kauwa Community in Borno State today, Sunday 26 September 2021.
The Outreach witnessed a massive crowd of members of the community, where over three thousand members of the Community were recently relocated from the Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Monguno, addressing the gathering the Commander 401 Special Forces Brigade, Brigadier General Samalia M Uba, who represented the Commander Sector 3 OP HADIN KAI and Multinational Joint Task Force Brigadier General GM Mutkut, said the Medical Outreach is evidence of the excellent synergy and mutual understanding between the Sector and the Community.
Brigadier General Samalia M Uba urged community members to continue their cooperation with the Sector as one of the better ways to encourage the Civil-Military Relation and fight against the terrorists within the Sector Area of Responsibility.
During the medical Outreach, free medical services were rendered, including eye, blood count, height, weight and blood pressure checks. Mosquito nets were shared, and Wheel Chairs were also presented to physically challenged persons by Brigadier General Samalia Uba on behalf of the Sector.
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