Security Analyst Wails Over Mr President’s Son Allegedly Using Operatives of the Nigerian Navy SBS as Personal Bodyguard

Abdullahi Murtala is a researcher and reporter associated with HumAngle online media with expertise in conflict reporting, climate and environmental justice. In his recent post on X Platform also known as Twitter, the security analyst took time to wail and spot on the challenges of the Nigerian President’s son using operatives of the Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service (SBS) as personal body guards on several social gathering.

Details of his opinion were seen on this post

Another school of thought by Nura Musa Muhammad with handle @MuhammadNoorEm stated that “Addressing the underutilization of security assets is crucial. Separating Executive Protection duties could be a giant leap in optimizing resource allocation and enhancing security effectiveness in the country. However, this claim is subject to verification and counter-verification as analyst Shamsu Shainu with handle @ShainuShamsu states that DSS personnel also use Tavor and wear face caps with Special Forces, and that the SBS has its own Insignia and Badge, therefore suggesting that it could be the personnel of the DSS.

The Nigerian Navy SBS is believed to be a unit of the Naval Base Lake Chad specially trained for high-risk threats including counter-terrorism in the fringes of lake chad but has been seen lately being used as personal bodyguards for politicians, religious leaders and premium celebrities.

The Nigerian SBS is known for its contributions to major counter-insurgency operational gains in Nigeria such as the clearance operations in Baga, Borno state in conjunction with elements of the Nigerian Army 403 Special Force Amphibious Brigade. The operation lasted four days and covered the Federal College of Freshwater Fisheries Technology, Doro Baga, Tangon Guava, Kwatan Gaba and Kwatan Kuyet.

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