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Gen Buratai Seeks Quick End to Counter-Insurgency Operation in Northeast

In a decisive call for action, former Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai (rtd), has urged military authorities to expedite their counter-insurgency operations to bring a swift end to the ongoing conflict in the Lake Chad Basin region. Buratai emphasized the need for a focused and accelerated military strategy to avoid a prolonged conflict akin to those seen in Colombia and Sri Lanka.

Speaking at the 1st International Conference organized by the Department of History and Strategic Studies at the University of Maiduguri yesterday, Buratai commended the relentless efforts and sacrifices of the military personnel engaged in the counter-insurgency operations. He also lauded the continuous support provided by both past and present administrations to the military’s endeavors in the Northeast.

“The war should not be prolonged like the conflicts in Colombia and Sri Lanka,” Buratai stated, underscoring the imperative for a swift resolution. He highlighted the integral role of comprehensive military operations, which include the collaborative efforts of military intelligence, the Department of State Services (DSS), the Police, and local authorities. Buratai stressed the importance of non-kinetic operations such as psychological operations and intelligence gathering to bolster military effectiveness.

Reflecting on his tenure as Chief of Army Staff, Buratai noted significant achievements, including the reclamation of nine local government areas in Borno within five months. Gen Buratai’s leadership style as the then Chief of Army Staff earned support from the Buhari administration for substantial investments to the gains of Counter-Insurgency Operation which enhanced operational capabilities of troops in the region. Noticeable within his tenure as COAS was his commitment to troop welfare, leading to the construction of numerous accommodations and offices to improve operational efficiency.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Maiduguri, Prof. Aliyu Shugaba, praised the resilience of the institution, noting its steadfastness despite four successive attacks by suicide bombers. He affirmed that the university resisted all attempts and pressures to shut down, continuing its educational mission amidst adversity.


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