Obinna Iyiegbu popularly known as Obi Cubana, the Okpataozueora1 of Oba in Anambra State, Nigeria plans a befitting burial for his dear mum which letter turned to carnival as personalities, captains of industries grace the occasion in magnificent style. Instagram Page
Our team having monitored the event as it trend on social media and fortunately also trending in United State cyber domain on twitter as twitter users powers their VPN to be part of the conversation.
Some of the information we gathered suggests that Obi Cubana’s Committee of Friends Raised over N500 million in Support, 375 Cows, 70 Rams, etc This explain the business model “Cycle of Success” the act of Investing in people as explain by Floyd Mayweather

According to the Nigerian Supper Corp DCP Abba Kyari who was also present at the occasion, “Obinna Iyiegbu popularly known as Obi Cubana is one of the most hardworking entrepreneur and Humble personality that I have known for many years. He is a brother and Good Friend. For his good nature and Good heart, I had to squeeze out time from my busy schedule to Honor him, by attending the burial of his Beloved Mom In Oba town Anambra State.” Here is the background of what Obinna Iyiegbu is and in doing that he was also known for investing in people of like minds. Giving people the opportunity to make a living and create wealth for themselves.
Obi Cubana is known for building people as he positively influence Nigeria’s Human Development Index. One of his success story is the likes of Cubana Chief priest the famous Celebrity Bar Man who in a show of appreciation donated a trailer load of cows (over 46 cows in number) to the occasion.
He is particular in choosing his like mind and have never build sycophants that would be hailing him or those that would be calling him sir or anything for the boys for the weekend. Rather he build people that can offer him the alternative when needed. He built men by turning them into millionaires and changed their lives forever by giving them his shoulder and platform for them to see far.
Those men he built, empowered and opened doors for are wealthy today because of him and they are paying back by rallying around for their benefactor in his lowest moment. They did not forget and a typically believe in Igboland that IWE BU IKE

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