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Biafra: Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff Calls On European Union, Demands Action Against Simon Ekpa

During a captivating broadcast on Channels Television to mark Nigeria’s 2024 Democracy Day, General Christopher Musa, Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, emphasized the urgent need to arrest and bring Simon Ekpa, the self-proclaimed Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic in Exile, back to Nigeria to face prosecution. General Musa accused Ekpa of supporting criminal activities in the Southeast region and expressed his frustration with the lack of international cooperation in addressing this issue.

In the interview, General Musa was straightforward in calling out Finland for allegedly providing shelter to Ekpa. “We have repeatedly raised concerns about Simon Ekpa. He is in Finland, and the Finnish Government is backing him up, allowing him to continue his actions,” Musa stated firmly.

Highlighting the serious consequences of Ekpa’s actions, he further added, “People are losing their lives due to the statements he is making, and no action is being taken. This is a democracy. If the European Union claims to support democracy and allows this to happen without taking any measures, then they are not genuinely concerned about Nigeria’s well-being.”

The General emphasized the importance of diplomatic engagement to address the situation, urging the Nigerian government to take decisive action. “We need to find diplomatic ways to stop him from continuing with whatever he is doing. He must be apprehended and brought to justice.”

To emphasize his point, Musa posed a thought-provoking question that highlights what he sees as double standards. “Just imagine if he were in Nigeria and doing the same to the Finnish government, do you think the European Union would tolerate it? Absolutely not.”

General Musa’s candid remarks reflect the heightened urgency in Nigeria’s efforts to tackle the security challenges posed by separatist agitators. As Nigeria commemorates its progress in democracy, the call to take action against Simon Ekpa underscores the broader struggle for peace and stability in the region.

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