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US Electronic Warfare Center in Action

On Tuesday, July 7, the Electronic Warfare Center (CEAM) Electronic Warfare Programming and Training Squadron (EPIGE) carried out an experiment with Rafales carrying out maneuvers simulating cannon or bombing passes. These maneuvers made it possible to implement several types of instrumented infrared guided seeker, more or less modern, representing the variety of air defense systems at low and very low altitude.

During the experiment, Rafale pilots made several passages with different slopes and different resources in order to consolidate operational recommendations for crews faced with this type of threat. EPIGE staff were also able to collect as much data as possible for subsequent analysis in collaboration with the DGA and the preparation of a second phase of the campaign.

With the latter, CEAM experts also allow crews to optimize attack procedures during which planes are more particularly exposed and to develop the associated tactics which they will repeat during training and exercises.

Created in 1933 in Reims, established since 1945 on the air base 118 of Mont-de-Marsan and officially recognized as the Air Warfare Center (AWC – center of “Air Warfare”) in 2015, the CEAM is the armed wing of the state -major to define the capacities of the Air Force, contribute to their development, prepare their integration and support their operational use. CEAM’s action focuses on three pillars, combatant’s doctrine, equipment and tactical expertise, in order to continuously adapt the Air Force to the challenges of modern and future combat

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