Jubilation as Nigerian Troops Reopens Damasak Market after 7 years of shutdown due to insurgency.

Commercial Market, Damasak in Borno State, shut in December 2014, due to activities of the Boko Haram terrorists has been reopened for business. The reopening was on the orders of the Theatre Commander, Operation Hadin Kai, Major General Christopher Musa.

Declaring the market open, Commander, 5 Brigade, Nigerian Army, Brigadier General Suleiman Tilawan, said the market used be commercial nerve centre for millions of people in Nigeria and neighbouring countries. He expressed hope that reopening would bring an end to the scourge of insurgency and other criminalities in the North East: “Since the closure of the market in 2014, thousands of people have lost their major source of livelihood, several others were forced to relocate to Niger Republic and other cities in search of livelihood.

“Peace has finally returned as the brigade has succeeded in flushing out the terrorists and other criminal groups. We have put in place tight security network that is strong enough to protect the people as they go about their legitimate duties.

“For years, the concern of another invasion of the town led to the continued closure of the market. But that fear does not exist anymore.

“In the past few months 5 Brigade has not only comprehensively flushed out Boko Haram and other criminal elements around Damasak, but has also put in place a very constructive security network that is strong enough to ensure total protection of the people in Damasak and give assurance for the full resumption of all economic and social activities.

“Today, we are indeed witnessing a historic occasion as it marks the end of the economic black blanket that was thrown over this part of the state with the closure of this big commercial market.

“I need not reassure you of your security in Damasak. It is my prayer that this occasion will mark one of the several milestones to ending the scourge of insurgency and criminality in this part of the country.

We fully understand that the economic empowerment of the people will give them the strength and courage to offer total and unalloyed support to the military in its fight against the remnants of these criminal elements.

“We will continue to do everything in our power to ensuring the security of lives and economic activities of the peaceful and law abiding people of this area.

“I bring to you the good greetings and best wishes of the Theatre Commander Major General CG Musa; Commander, Multinational Joint Task Force, Major General AK Ibrahim and Sector Commander, Sector 3, Brigadier General GM Mutkut, on this very important day in the lives of the people, which is the day of reopening of the Damasak Commercial Market after seven years of closure.”

Source: Molly Kilete

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