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I am grossly perturbed with the civil unrest in my beloved State… – Hon Ekene Ibejiuba

It's time to sue for peace.

I am grossly perturbed with the civil unrest in my beloved State*….
It’s time to sue for peace.
As concerned citizen and bonafide son of Imo state, it behoves my imagination the spate of killings in which my dear state Imo is turning into a theater of war and armoury.
It is a thing of great concern to me, that security has eminently degenerated to a pathetic situation in the state.
Each time, I unlock my phone screen, I get news feeds of casualties as a result of the insecurity happening in the state and the country at large.
All of this is heart breaking, this is a time we must understand that we have only one state called Imo, we must not destroy it, rather we must join hands to condemn this killings.
Security has a lot of role to play in our socio-cultural/ economic upliftment we must all embrace peace and shun any form of social vices methat will collectively drag us steps backwards as a people or state or make us loose our loved ones.
Please let’s all aggrieved parties seeks for a platform to dialogue and redress any form of grievances that could further necessitate more shootings and killings.
We are brothers and sisters and we cannot afford to unleash mayhem on our own people.
On this note, I plead once again for a peaceful resolution to end this brouhaha, Imo remains our own and nobody is going to take the identity from us, please let us protect ourselves and stay safe.
Hon Henry Ekene Ibejiuba(founder Okeosisi humanitarian foundation,
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