Echoes Of An Unknown Soldier: The Nation’s Last Line Of Defense, I Am Not Useless.

In the heat of battle, on the frontlines I stand, I am a soldier, my duty is clear and grand. I remain my country’s last line of defense, Not useless, though some may label me with disdain.

I don the armor, bearing burdens untold, Shouldering the weight of stories left untold. Called to do tasks others may deem unclean, I obey the commands, a silent unseen.

My heart beats in rhythm with duty’s call, Answering the commander’s words, standing tall. Not free to question, nor dissent or defy, I heed the orders, without asking why.

Through mud, through strife, amidst the darkest night, I persevere, striving to do what’s right. My loyalty unwavering, my spirit stout, I am the guardian, dispelling all doubt.

I am a soldier, with honor, I’m adorned, Protecting freedoms, though oftentimes scorned. For when my country calls, in battles intense, I am not useless, I am my nation’s defense.

I bear the burden, I march through the test, In every stride, I give my very best. So label me not with disdain or offense, For I am a soldier, I am my country’s last line of defense.

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